Music Theory by Correspondence

I offer correspondence courses in music theory and also music theory lessons by correspondence more specifically tailored to the student’s needs. I am based in Darlington (in the North East of England) but I offer music theory tuition and coaching to anyone requiring it in the UK or to anyone in another country who needs to learn the sort of theory required by the ABRSM. I teach the grade syllabus systematically, offering tuition and advice that makes music theory easy, rewarding and interesting. I mark, and comment on, all work sent to me and use tried and trusted methods of teaching the theory required at each grade. I also offer theory lessons (on a less formal basis) at any level requested by the student.

Piano Keys

I teach theory at all grades and also any theory that is required for the diplomas offered by the Associated Board, Trinity College, and the London School of Music. I offer advice on writing programme notes, on ‘written submissions’, on orchestration and arrangements, and on the approach to viva voce exams.

I teach and offer help and advice for the theoretical elements – chord construction, harmony and counterpoint, composition (in both tonal and atonal styles), and the history of music – of GCSE and A Level music. I also offer help with essay writing.

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