The Mute Art

Next to one of his own compositions on YouTube, Per-Olov Kindgren writes, “Ok, I’m doing it again. Telling my life with music. Sorry. If I was a writer/author, I would write a long story. Now I have to do this instead.” I say back to him, “maybe you would write a long story if you were an author, but how much more moving that you can say it succinctly in this mute, beautiful language that is music.” Music plays only with notes, but how much more directly it communicates with the heart than do words. Of course our lives are lived within language, and I’ve no doubt that music is connected with language in some ineffable way. But truth be said, I’d rather listen to one of Kindgren’s 3 minute compositions than read his life through a 220 page novel or biography. His potential book may well be interesting, but the beauty of his music touches me in a way no words could. There are some aspects of our selves that can only be captured in this voiceless art; in music we have no words but more expression.


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  1. Music says more than words. In certain compositions, a few notes, might have more value than many words, than the words can say. The music causes feelings and reactions more objectively, more quickly than words. While the expression of words is a slower way to promote some kind of feeling. Because it requires a reflection, requires thinking about the words. With music, it happens differently. Music has the power to quickly affect the hearts and minds of people. Music has the power to lead more directly an individual emotional reactions of reflection and reasoning. This is the way most power of lead someone. And I think this can happen in the blink of an eyes.

    I want say, the power of music has in to affect a person. I don´t want say that is more “easy” to understand a song than words, and therefore requires less intelligence of someone. This is another point to be discussed. I dont want to confuse those two things.Sorry for my English, I´m Brazilian.

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