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Should there be some control over who can (or cannot) set up as a private music teacher? I ‘inherit’ a lot of pupils who’ve been so badly taught by ‘teachers’ without any experience or qualifications that any musical ability that pupils may actually possess has been virtually ruined at the outset. I’m not saying that there’s a hidden genius in every child (or adult) but I think everyone who wants to play the piano (or any other instrument in fact) should be given the chance to develop to the best of their own ability. Unqualified people who start teaching just to bring in a few extra pennies should be avoided like the plague.

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  1. Elaine, I do agree that the ability to teach is a gift as much as the talent to play. I’m not sure qualifications have anything to do with it, although it follows that if someone is a “natural” musician they would find it difficult to teach this to a student. I have had several horrendous teachers in my learning years (ongoing), and for someone to explain something well it usually comes from them having gone through the same process of having to understand it. Couple that with an enthusiasm for sharing the music and for the want of progress in the child- again both frequently lacking in tutoring.

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