Digital Age

Stone age; bronze age; iron age. Surely the next ‘age’ to be recognised in human evolution is the ‘digital’ age. As far as music is concerned, the digital age affords seemingly endless opportunities to artists who would never have been heard without the advances in internet technology. On YouTube, for example, there are videos of already well-known musicians but there are also videos made by millions of amateur musicians who would never have been heard by more than a handful of people a few years ago. I like it that young people are so proud of their own musical achievements that they want to post videos of themselves; I like it that musicians can air their own compositions; I like it that we can listen to Bach, Mozart, Pärt, Candy Dulfer, Morricone, and Britney Spears all in one sitting; I like it that people generally leave sensitive comments under videos; I like it that musicians (generally) are assessed on their value as musicians and not on superficialities ; I like it that musicians can find endless ways of self-publicising. Indeed, I think that the music industry can learn a lot by looking at the number of ‘hits’ different types of videos get. Music has never been more accessible; different types of music have never been more accessible.

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