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I trained in music in Darlington, Harrogate, Durham and London. I have a BA in music (Durham University) and an MMus in composition (King’s College, London University). I also have an MA and a PhD in philosophy from York University.
Elaine Horner

In addition to piano and flute I can play clarinet and alto sax.

My own piano lessons were with teachers in Darlington, Harrogate, Durham and Newcastle. I learnt the flute in Harrogate and Durham.

Professor Eric Taylor taught me harmony and counterpoint and compositional techniques at Durham University. He is author of the ABRSM’s ‘Music Theory in Practice’ series (Grades 1-5), the accompanying ‘AB Guide to Music Theory’ (Books 1 and 2) and ‘First Steps in Music Theory’.

David Lumsdaine and Nicola LeFanu were my composition teachers at Durham and London Universities.

I have performed on piano, clarinet, flute and sax in London, Yorkshire and the North East of England and I have also had compositions performed in these places.

To listen to some of my latest compositions please click on my ‘Compositions on YouTube’ page.

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